TENDON – The Educational Data Observatory Network

Projeto de pesquisa “The Educational Data Observatory Network”.


  1. Bernardo Pereira Nunes –  link Lattes; e-mail: bernardo.Nunes@anu.edu.au
  2. Sean Wolfgand Matsui Siqueira – link Lattes; e-mail: sean@uniriotec.br
  3. Ruben Francisco Manrique


This project aims to create The EducatioNal Data Observatory Network (TENDON) — a participatory, co-creative and demand-driven network formed by multidisciplinary researchers, educational leaders and other educational stakeholders — to strengthen the relations between Australia and Latin America countries; bring awareness of common problems at all educational levels via evidence-based approaches; share data, experiences and resources following the FAIR principles; monitor and set educational indicators that meet the needs and diversity of the countries involved through live data dashboards; and, support the creation of educational policies to ensure access to quality, inclusive, and equitable education. The network will have as its initial focus (i) the development of the TENDON website; (ii) the establishment of the TENDON network; and (iii) eliciting requirements via evidence-based surveys for the development of a common Educational Data Observatory.